English as a Second Languaje -ESL

New educational technologies for bilingualism.

Plataforma para inglés en básica

Little Bridge

The Little Bridge platform is an English Language learning system focused on Elementary school children. Used in thousands of schools around the world and recognized worldwide as the best educational tool for teaching English in Elementary Education.
Little Bridge has won the 2014 BETT award (best educational resource in the world) and the 2015 ELTONS prize (best digital resource)

This program is carefully structured to ensure effective learning. It is intuitive to use, can be used in classrooms as a source of teacher-led instructions, or as a source of autonomous learning so they can work independently in the school space  or at home, even if teachers have little or no English proficiency.


• 6 levels with more than 1000+ Fun activities available in British or American English.

• Internal games, prizes, medals and ways to modify the avatar of each student to encourage use

• Explore an English village in a 3-dimensional world by recognizing vocabulary and solving missions.

• Grammar Visualizer with the Grammar Factory.

• Karaoke Songs

• Letters Game

• Digipals: Social network for children around the world. Safe and designed to encourage use of communication in English. It also includes a powerful and easy-to-use “Sentence Maker” tool that helps students build sentences while interacting with each other in English.

• Each child will receive a virtual pet called Domino which should be cared by kids within the platform.

• Availability in PC / MAC and for Android Tablets for level 1

• Access for each student in class, their home or anywhere with internet connectivity.