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texas instruments calculators

Texas Instruments Calculators

We are direct distributors for all Latin America of Texas Instruments calculators. These calculators are recognized for their fine quality, easy use and great pedagogical support. Devices start from simple models for desktop, as well as scientific and financial calculators up to the renowned TI nSpire CX CAS, widely used by mathematics and engineering students.


Dynamic Geometry Software - Cabri

Recognized dynamic geometry software in 2D and 3D. There is no other tool for geometry with the pedagogical power and easyness of use as  Cabri. This software, used by hundreds of colleges and university faculties around the world, has proved it enhances students’ mathematics learning by more than 30% , as research shows.

Cabri II Plus

Cabri 3D v2



Autograph is at the forefront of the use of dependent and selectable mathematical objects to work with probability principles and statistics, as well as 2D / 3D analytical geometry.

Autograph is a novel educational product for application in modern Mathematics classes. It can be used both by the teacher, to lead his group of students to explore mathematical concepts visually, as well as by the students themselves, investigating these concepts in greater depth and at their own pace.