About Districalc

Educational technologies designed to improve learning processes.

Districalc was founded in Colombia, South America under the name of Inversiones Wartenberg, well back in the year 1981. At the beginning we focused our supply  on the distribution of Hewlett-Packard calculators, however, as our share in the market grew, we expanded to the current field of projects in educational technology requiring the development of  teaching activities in the use of calculators and other educational resources. We are currently the exclusive representatives for more than fifteen globally recognised brands such as Vernier Software and Texas Instruments.

Currently, Districalc participates in the implementation of a wide range of technological resources throughout Latin América. In Chile and Colombia we are providing their Public School Systems with Projects at the Ministry of Education level and also through prestigious educational institutions like “Computadores para Educar” in Colombia and several governmental departments like Secretaria de Educacion de Bogota, Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Gobernacion de Bolivar and private institutions like Universidad Javeriana and Universidad del norte in Colombia and Universidad Federico Santa Maria, Universidad Mayor and others in Chile. Also we contribute presently to American Calendar Schools in Latin America.


Our mission is to contribute to the sustainable development of the educational areas, especially in the area of Educational Technologies, keeping us at the forefront of technological advances worldwide and supporting educational work teams to sustain their technological implementations.


 Districalc aims to be the leader in Florida and Latin America in the implementation of new technological strategies by training as consultants all types of  educational institutions, thus contributing positively to the improving of their quality of education.


Our transparency and honesty as developers of  particular educational projects for institutions, according to their individual needs. With these values we have sustained relationships with clients for more than three decades.

Featured Projects

In more than 37 years we have supported schools, universities, foundations, and governments to develop many projects. Here you can find a few videos showing  developed solutions for some of them.

Texas Instruments graphing calculators were implemented in secondary schools throughout several regions in Colombia, South America

Project: New Technologies for Mathematics in Media Education - Ministry of Education of Colombia


Computer and Mathematics software was implemented in computers for Elementary Schools all over Chile

Project: Computational Mobile Laboratories LMC - Ministry of Education of Chile


We implemented 19 educational apps for teaching mathematics in NT1, NT2, and first

Proyecto: Tablet para Educación Inicial en NT1, NT2 y 1ro Básico- Ministerio de Educación de Chile


What can we do for you?

In addition to supply educational technologies, we integrate training courses at the highest level by teachers who currently use our classroom resources and have both the intellectual and didactic experience required to help progress your curriculum.

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Do you need advice?

With our experience and knowledge we can support you to get the right technology for your specific requirements and needs.