Prymairy Education

Educational technologies for Primary Schools.

Science Laboratories in Primary Schools

The Vernier science laboratories are highly used in secondary and university level but it is also perfect for experimentation activities in basic education classes. With the Science book in Elementary, teachers can implement sensors such as temperature, voltage, conductivity, light and others to make interesting experiments that will have a positive learning impact on their students.

Calculators for Elementary School

Encourage your students from third through sixth grade to develop their problem solving skills and begin to understand mathematical concepts using real-life situations.


Edumedia for Elementary school

Edumedia is a portal with more than 650 activities and multimedia content for science and mathematics. It serves as a powerful library of digital resources to present in your class or for students to learn better. Students can access all the material from their homes and view it on a computers or tablets.

Robot Scribbler

The Scrubbler S3 robot is an excellent tool to introduce your elementary students to STEM projects with programming, robotics, art, and mathematics. With the Blocky system, students will have a very visual format to learn more about logic and programming. It includes

Purplemash Portal

Encourage artistic creativity combined with game development, inspire writers and content creators, and complement educational games. This portal in English has a large amount of educational content for all your Elementary education courses. Ask us for a presentation and an evaluation licenses to learn more.