Hybrid Classes

Hybrid classes are based on an alternative teaching method that emerged with the advancement of educational technologies, presenting a new option for learning. It is a model that unites Distance Education (EAD) and face-to-face meetings.

We recommend the following solutions:


With Panopto, administrators will be able to create a video library in minutes, highly indexable and with a powerful search system.

Teachers can create and publish the recordings without the help of the Technology or Systems department or other specialized personnel.

Students will have an important tool to review the recordings of their classes and thus be able to focus optimally on active learning or participate either in person, via videoconference, or by reviewing the class recordings.

Panopto para clases híbridas
Clases Híbridas con HiHaHo


Interactive video offers endless possibilities to turn a passive video into an active experience. Interactive video not only allows you to tell a story, but your viewers literally become a part of it. Depending on the choices they make in the video, they will determine the course of the video. This allows for easy navigation.
to relevant content.

OWL Hybrid Class Recording System

Create an immersive hybrid meeting experience in any space with the smart camera, microphone and speakerphone for 360° conferencing that gets smarter over time.

Clases híbridas con Owl Labs

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