We offer more than 35 years of experience and a network of expert teachers to train teachers the use of educational technologies. Our courses cover the use of technologies and how to implement them in class, including, whenever possible, a face-to-face teacher accompaniment plan.

Some Available Courses:

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Science Laboratories

At the end of this workshop it is expected that the participating teachers take ownership of the pedagogical possibilities offered by the Vernier Science laboratories and how to implement new data collection technologies for an increase in the knowledge of students in the Exact Sciences.


Hydrogen Grand Prix

The H2GP HYDROGEN GRANDPRIX program enables students to solve today's and tomorrow's problems, connect with the automotive industry, and equip it with exciting renewable energy technology.


H3 Grand prix XPR

The H2GP EXPLORER (XPR) program introduces elementary and middle school students to the basic science and engineering principles needed to understand sustainability and renewable energy.

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T3 courses by Texas Instruments

We work with Texas Instruments and certified T3 trainers to present high quality training in the use of Texas Instruments calculators for various topics such as: Robotics and programming, algebra, geometry, calculus for college and university use.

STEM Implementation

How can you generate a successful STEM program (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics)? Our experts have the knowledge and tools to implement spaces and STEM technologies in your school.

Dynamic Geometry with Cabri

Explore Cabri software app through constructions that, when implemented in the mathematics curriculum, promote a dynamic classroom environment in which the participation and interaction of students and teachers break with the traditional teaching methods.

English Language with Little Bridge app

Training for teachers and administrative team in the use of the Little Bridge platform for primary school and how to implement it in the curriculum. It includes the use of LMS for evaluation of student results and communication strategies to the community.

Use of Tablets for little Kids

The emphasis of the proposal refers to the use of the Tablet as this resource enhances learning in Nursery Education by favouring logical mathematical notions in pre-school, applying methodologies and models to integrate ICT in their teaching work, favoring collaborative work.

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